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Ramrang, Seven Years On

He lives.

Ramashreya Jha "Ramrang"

Ramashreya Jha “Ramrang”
(Aug 11, 1928 – Jan 1, 2009)


In the first clip, Ramrang discusses Raga Nat Nagari


The clips below are excerpted from Ramrang‘s concert at the Kala Academy in Panjim, Goa, on December 4, 2001. Harmonium: Rajan Parrikar, Tabla: Tulshidas Navelkar.

Composition in Raga Nat Nagari. In a separate conversation, Ramrang relates how the antara eluded him for years and then reveals the process leading to its resolution. Find it here (at the 8:25 marker). And the Lata song he refers to is here.


Raga Dhani


Ragamala, composed by Ramrang‘s guru Bholanath Bhatt


Ramrang – 86th Anniversary

Ramashreya Jha "Ramrang" at Goa Marriott in Panjim, Goa (August 2007)

Ramashreya Jha “Ramrang” (Aug 11, 1928 – Jan 1, 2009)
Panjim, Goa (August 2007), © Rajan Parrikar

Dhondutai Kulkarni

This entry notes the passing of Dhondutai Kulkarni on June 1 at the age of 86. She had the distinction of being the one and only pupil of Kesarbai Kerkar.

The very first time I saw Dhondutai was in 1978 at the inaugural Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar Samaroh in Panjim, Goa. As Kesarbai’s sole musical heir she was accorded the privilege of opening the conference and, if I recall correctly, she began with Raga Poorvi. It was a strong performance and the memory of her fluency still lingers in my mind well after three decades.

Some Books

Occasionally I receive gifts in the form of books from appreciative readers of this website including musicians. I have been meaning to post these titles for months now. These are a few I have enjoyed over the past year or so.





Purshottam Walawalkar Departs

Harmonium maestro Purshottam Walawalkar passed away on Monday, January 13, 2014. He was 90.

Added: A tribute in the Indian daily DNA, dated January 19, 2014. (In the event the link evaporates, a pdf is archived here.)

Ramashreya Jha "Ramrang" and Purshottam Walawalkar

Purshottam Walawalkar and Ramashreya Jha “Ramrang” at Kavalem, Goa (December 2003)