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Marne ki Duaen – Kishore Kumar’s First Song

An impromptu rendition was uploaded to YouTube last week by his son. Kishore was not even 20 when he recorded the original, and wet behind the ears, he sounded unsure. On the other hand, this snippet from the mid-1970s reveals his voice at its most glorious.

Marne Ki Duaen Kyon Mangoon
Movie: ZIDDI (1948)
Lyricist: Professor Jazbi
Composer: Khemchand Prakash

An Old Recording of Mansur

Raga Kabiri Bhairav. Tabla support by Ganpat Parvatkar. A 1972 recording from a time when Rajshekhar* wasn’t around to soil the sheets.

* Mansur’s son and Professor of English Spelling.

Dhrupad Porn

The more self-righteous the pricks, the hornier they are. – Fifth Veda, Ch 11, Verse 6

A lot of sancari and abhog going on here. See this and this.

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