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Zohrabai Agrewali


Photo credit: Rajeev Patke

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About Zohrabai

From: Inlay card notes of HMV’s Classic Gold cassette of Zohra Bai

Zohra Bai was a great singer of the era when the art of recording was in a cradle stage in India. Zohra Bai was born in 1868 and passed away in 1913. Recordings commenced in India in 1902 and Zohra Bai was first recorded in 1908. Zohra Bai was another name of self-determination. In a royal wedding ceremony she has a tussle with a famous lady singer of those days. After that Zohra Bai went into a self-imposed exile for six years. During this period she stayed in a village and took rigorous training of music from Ustad Sher Khan of Agra Gharana. She also learnt the finer aspects of performing techniques from him. The new Zohra Bai came out as an altogether different personality. There was a Gavayya Dhang in her performances. She threw voice powerfully and sang aggresively. Her admirers range from her contenporary Gauhar Jan to present day Kirana Gharana doyenne Dr. Gangubai Hangal.”