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Ulhas Kashalkar

Ulhas Kashalkar

Ulhas Kashalkar
(1955- )

♫ Raga Malati Basant

♫ Raga Sanjh Saravali [raga conceived by sitar ustad Vilayat Khan]


About Ulhas Kashalkar

Ulhas Kashalkar was initiated into the world of Indian classical music by his father N.D. Kashalkar. He later received extensive taleem from Ram Marathe and Gajananrao Joshi.

Kashalkar is an accomplished vocalist and he is musically aware, something that cannot be said of most of his contemporaries. It is often suggested that Kashalkar, in addition to his Gwalior upbringing, is fluent in the Atrauli-Jaipur style of gayaki. A couple of nanoseconds worth of listening usually helps in disabling that claim.

Kashalkar is currently (as of 2006) on the faculty of the Sangeet Research Academy in Kolkota.