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Rahimuddin Dagar

Rahimuddin Dagar

Rahimuddin Dagar

♫ Raga Adbhuta Kalyan

♫ Raga Shankara


About Rahimuddin Dagar

Rahimuddin Khan Dagar (1900-1975) was the second son and student of Allabande Khan and one of the outstanding dhrupad singers of our times. He was also well-versed in sangeeta shastra. He was associated with the courts of Jaipur, Alwar and Indore. His son is Fahimuddin Khan Dagar, another well-know dhrupad exponent.

Reference: Sangeetagyon ke Samsmaran by Vilayat Hussain Khan (Sangeet Natak Akademi, 1959)

[Raga Adhuta Kalyan falls to the class of niroshtha (lipless) ragas. These ragas are so called because they omit the madhyam and pancham swaras, both of which are uttered labially.]