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Hafiz Ahmed Khan


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About Hafiz Ahmed Khan

Hafiz Ahmed Khan (1926- ) of the Rampur-Sahaswan was a pupil of the gharana elders Mushtaq Hussain Khan and Nissar Hussain Khan.

Excerpts of his profile from Musicians of India by Amal Das Sharma published by Naya Prokash, Kolkota:

“Hafiz Ahmed Khan, M.A., LLB, a talented singer and perhaps the most formally educated in this family, was born in 1926. He performed regularly on radio, television and at music conferences in India and abroad. Her served the Delhi station of All India Radio until his retirement in 1986. Fond of sports, he took part in several games in his young days. He is also a fine photographer. He has a liking for Urdu poems and is a poet himself…He was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ on January 26, 1991.”