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Gajananrao Joshi

Gajananrao Joshi

Gajananrao Joshi

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About Gajananrao Joshi

From: Musicians of India by Amal Das Sharma (Naya Prokash, 1993)

Gajananrao Joshi was born in 1910 in a family of musicians belonging to Bombay. He began his training under his father Ananta Manohar Joshi. Later he studied under Balkrishnabuwa Ichalkaranjikar, and for a short time under Manji Khan and also under Alladiya Khan (Jaipur). He turned into a fine vocalist. Then he switched over to violin suddenly…He served the Bombay station of AIR for a long time. In addition to his sons and three daughters, he trained Kaushal Manjekar, Shridhar Parsekar and D.R. Nimbargi…”

Ulhas Kashalkar, among the promising singers of the younger generation, also took taleem from Gajananrao Joshi.