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About Ashiq Ali Khan

Ashiq Ali Khan (?-1948)

From: Sangeetagyon ke Samsmaran by Vilayat Hussain Khan (translation mine)

Ashiq Ali was the son of Fateh Ali Khan of Patiala. From his father he received a very high quality tAleem which he fortified well through sheer dint of hard work. His was a very taiyyAr gayaki and he was among the most well-known singers of Punjab. I heard him in many mehfils. He was good-hearted and austere by nature. There was not the slightest trace of ego in him. He died in Punjab at the age of 60.”

From: Musicians of India by Amal Das Sharma

Ashiq Ali Khan, son of Fateh Ali Colonel, was a renowned vocalist and a court musician to Maharaja Madho Singh (1880-1922) of Jaipur and also to the Nawab of Tonk. He remained a bachelor and lived a saintly life.”