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Anokhelal Mishra

Anokhelal Mishra

Anokhelal Mishra (1914-1958)
Photo credit: K.K. Rastogi, Kashi Sangeet Samaj

♫ Tabla solo in Teentala


About Anokhelal Mishra

From: Musicians of India by Amal Das Sharma

Anokhelal Misra, the kind of ‘na-dhin-dhin-na’, was born in 1914 in a very poor family of Kashi. He lost his parents early and was reared by his grandmother. He studied under Bhairav Sahaya and Bhairon Maharaj. By dint of his assiduous practice and ardent devotion, he became a world-famous Tabliya. Within his short span of life he performed regularly, not only throughout India but also in several countries abroad. He trained some of the great musicians of India like Mahapurush Misra, Radhakanta Nandi and Ramji Misra. He passed away on March 10, 1958.”