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Aman Ali Khan

Aman Ali Khan

Aman Ali Khan

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About Aman Ali Khan

Aman Ali Khan (1884-1953) represented the Bhendibazar Gharana and was among the most influential musician-composers of the 20th century. With ‘Amar’ as his nom de plume, his popular composition in Hamsadhwani, lagi lagana, has its mukhda modeled after the Carnatic composition vatapi Ganapatim.

Aman Ali was the son of Chhajju Khan who came from UP and settled in the Bhendibazar area of Mumbai, whence the name the gharana. Aman Ali’s music was especially noted for its rhythmic sargam patterns, for which he derived inspiration from Carnatic music. The great vocalist Amir Khan considered Aman Ali to be a major musical influence in his life.