Madhukar Pednekar

Madhukar Pednekar

Madhukar Pednekar

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About P. Madhukar

Madhukar Pednekar (also known as Madhukar Malpekar and P. Madhukar) was from Goa. He was known for his extraordinary mastery of the harmonium. In 1993, I asked (through a proxy) the violinist V.G. Jog for his recollections of Madhukar and this is what he had to say:

“Malpekar was a genius. I heard him play solo. His favorite musician was Behre Bua and he used to accompany him often. His technique was unique and his own creation and he made attempts to reproduce meends and intricate taans on the harmonium. His presentation was wonderful. I still meet his family members in Bombay. When we meet, they often recall my conversations with Malpekar.”

A fuller profile will be posted at a later time.